Dec 11, 2016

Airport disease

Luggage, by Rob Faulkner
You have seen them! People in airports lugging huge travel bags and suitcases. As I travel quite a bit, both for work and leisure, they are literally in my way quite often.
At first they let me feel annoyed, because they were so heavy, so slow. But now annoyance rather gives way to puzzlement: what can they carry inside those huge bags?
Sometimes they are obviously on their way to or from a beach vacation, meaning they will be wearing only swimsuits during days, yet they feel the need to pack a houseful.

Someone else will write about the philosophy of luggage. They will probably explain that bringing a lot of stuff makes people feel safer. Why is it that, on the contrary, carrying things makes me feel awkward and insecure?

Now, the travel-savvy have usually been exposed to the perils of lost luggage. And they avoid checking bags. Of course, you should. Always. But this is not enough.

Carry little, carry less, carry too little. That is my travel motto.

I want the smallest possible bag. (Notice that this specific point already makes me a deviant: airline travel regulations limit the size of your carry-on bag. Therefore people will strive to buy the largest possible suitcase allowed.) And I want that small bag as little filled as possible.

This blog is not to speculate about the Why? but to explore the How this can be done. This blog is partial, personal, arrogant. Enjoy it, criticize it. Improve it.

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